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HY is a professional Chinese medical devices casting supplier and Chinese medical devices casting manufacturer. Medical devices casting refer to components for medical equipment made of metal materials, usually made by a casting process. These castings can be used for various medical Devices in hospital operating rooms, emergency rooms, wards, clinics, etc., such as operating lights, operating beds, stretchers, infusion stents, etc.

The manufacturing process of medical devices castings requires high precision and strict quality control to ensure that they are safe and reliable and will not affect the performance and effectiveness of the medical equipment. During the manufacturing process, the materials used, casting process, surface treatment and other requirements need to be considered, and production should be carried out in accordance with relevant standards and specifications.

Casting materials are usually made of high-quality metal alloys, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, etc. These materials have good mechanical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to various application needs of medical devices.

Medical devices castings play a very important role in the medical industry. The quality and safety of these castings are always the most critical factors because they are directly related to the life and health of patients. Therefore, every step in the manufacturing process of castings needs to be strictly controlled to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

HY products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Australia. In terms of quality, environment, management and safety, HY has passed ISO9001, TS16949, and ISO14001 system certifications, fully ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality.

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Casting Medical Gas Outlet

Casting Medical Gas Outlet

HY is a factory qualified for the production of medical gas outlet for export.Casting medical gas outlet should be gas-specific with a gas-specific indexing pin arrangement to connect the lock valve assembly only to the specifically matched gas back body, preventing interchangeability of gas services.

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Casting Medical Valve

Casting Medical Valve

HY is a supplier of stamping and die casting industry from China. Casting Medical Valve are used to change channel cross-section and medium flow direction. It has the functions of diversion, cut-off, regulation, throttling, check-back, diversion or overflow pressure relief. Medical valve castings are control components in pipeline fluid delivery systems.

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HY is a professional Medical Devices manufacturers and suppliers in China. Welcome to our factory to buy Medical Devices. Our high quality products is not only made in China and we have quotation.
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