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What is EDM?

Electrical discharge machining is a process that uses electrical corrosion during pulse discharge between the tool electrode and the workpiece electrode. Since sparks can be seen during the discharge process, it is called EDM.

According to the different EDM processes, EDM can be divided into wire EDM machining, EDM piercing forming, EDM grinding and boring, EDM synchronous conjugate rotary machining, EDM high-speed small hole machining, EDM surface strengthening and engraving, etc.

At present, EDM technology has been widely used to process various high melting point, high strength, and high toughness materials, such as quenched steel, stainless steel, mold steel, carbide, etc., as well as for processing molds and other parts with complex surfaces and special requirements. .

About HY’s EDM services

We provide EDM services such as:

EDM grinding and boring

CNC wire cutting EDM machine

EDM blasting holes

EDM drilling

These operations can be performed on all metals and conductive materials, such as:

Aluminum alloy

Stainless steel



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