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Sino-foreign cooperation has started successfully, Xiamen Zhongshan Road witnesses friendship and cooperation


Xiamen, this beautiful coastal city, with its unique charm and hospitable humanistic atmosphere, has once again become a witness to Sino-foreign cooperation. Under the careful planning and organization of the Foreign Trade Department, HY welcomed the test pass of the 400-axis project. With the successful conclusion of the project, we not only reaped business success, but also left footprints of Sino-foreign friendship on the streets and alleys of Xiamen Zhongshan Road.

Project Review:

The 400-axis project is a deep integration of technology and cooperation. From the start of the project to the final delivery, every step embodies the hard work and wisdom of the teams on both sides. During the project, colleagues in the Foreign Trade Department maintained close communication and collaboration with customers to ensure that every detail of the project met high standards and strict requirements.

Xiamen Zhongshan Road Tour:

On the last day of the project, in order to express gratitude and respect to customers, the Foreign Trade Department specially arranged a tour of Xiamen Zhongshan Road. As a historical and cultural district in Xiamen, Zhongshan Road has attracted countless tourists with its unique Nanyang arcade architecture, rich business atmosphere and profound cultural heritage. Here, customers can not only feel the historical charm of Xiamen, but also experience the local customs and customs.

On the day of the tour, colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department accompanied customers to stroll on the stone slabs of Zhongshan Road, visited historical buildings, tasted authentic snacks, and experienced the city life of Xiamen. Customers showed great interest in Xiamen's traditional culture and praised the prosperous scene of Zhongshan Road.

Specialty food hot pot banquet:

After the tour, colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department invited customers to enjoy a sumptuous Chinese specialty food - hot pot. As a traditional Chinese food, hot pot is deeply loved by people for its unique cooking method and rich selection of ingredients. Next to the steaming hot pot, everyone sat around a table, shared food, talked about cooperation, and the atmosphere was warm and harmonious.

At the hot pot banquet, colleagues from the Foreign Trade Department introduced the ingredients and cooking culture of hot pot in detail, and customers also shared the specialties of their country. Through this food exchange, not only did the two sides deepen their understanding of each other's culture, but also further enhanced their friendship. The hot pot banquet became an unforgettable cultural experience and a symbol of cooperation and friendship between the two sides.


The successful implementation of the 400-axle project is not only a successful business cooperation, but also a model of cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. The tour of Xiamen Zhongshan Road and the holding of the hot pot banquet made this cooperation more humane and cultural. We believe that this cooperation is just the beginning. In the future, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in more areas and jointly create a better tomorrow.

As night fell, the customer ended this trip to Xiamen with full gains and good memories. HY looks forward to meeting with customers again in the future and writing more chapters of cooperation together.

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