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Israeli customers China factory inspection trip: 400 shafts project negotiation and technical exchange


In this era of globalization, transnational cooperation has become an important way of enterprise development. HY Company is very honored to welcome the distinguished Israeli customer, who traveled thousands of miles to China to conduct in-depth negotiations and technical exchanges on the 400-axis project. This visit is not only the beginning of business cooperation, but also the deepening of friendship and trust between the two sides.

Part One: Customer arrival and reception

When customers come, we welcome them with the highest courtesy. At high-speed rail stations, our staff hold welcome signs to make sure customers feel at home as soon as they arrive. We then arranged for comfortable vehicles to transport customers safely to the hotel and prepared detailed travel arrangements and precautions for them.

Part Two: Business meeting

In the formal business meeting, we introduced the company's development history, production capacity and technical advantages in detail. For a project of 400 shafts, we presented a detailed design, production process and quality control system. Customers speak highly of our professionalism and strict control of product quality.

Part three: Having Dinner Together

After business discussions, we invite our clients to dinner. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, we not only discussed the details of the project, but also enhanced our mutual understanding and friendship. During the dinner, we tasted authentic Chinese food and the customer showed great interest in the breadth and depth of Chinese culture.

Part Four: Laboratory testing

The next day, we took the client on a tour of the company's laboratory. Here we carry out the bending test of the shaft, the depth test, the hardening layer and the hardening hardness test. Customers have witnessed the excellent performance of our products and have expressed great recognition for our technical level and product quality.

Bending test

Test objective: To evaluate the bending behavior of the shaft under stress.

Test process: On professional test equipment, gradually increasing force is applied to the shaft to record its bending degree.

Depth test

Test purpose: To measure the internal structural depth of the shaft to ensure that it meets the design requirements.

Test procedure: Using high-precision measuring tools, the internal depth of the shaft is measured.

Quenched layer test

Test purpose: to check the uniformity and depth of the quenching layer to ensure the wear resistance and strength of the shaft.

Test process: Professional testing equipment is used to analyze the quenching layer in detail.

Quenching hardness test

Test purpose: To measure the hardness after quenching to ensure the durability and reliability of the shaft.

Test process: Multi-point hardness test is performed on the shaft surface using a hardness tester.

Part Five: Summary and prospect

Through this factory inspection and technical exchange, customers have a deeper understanding of our products and technologies. We believe that this visit will lay a solid foundation for bilateral cooperation. Looking forward to the future, HY looks forward to cooperating with customers in more areas and jointly opening up a broader market.

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