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Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe and stamping


Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe refers to a kind of machine equipment with high efficiency, high precision, good stability and fast processing speed, which is mainly used for the processing and production of various metal products. The machine has been widely used in various industries due to its high flexibility, fast processing efficiency and low cost.

Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe has the following advantages

1.High-efficiency processing:

Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe is easy to operate and has a fast processing speed. It generally has the advantages of high processing efficiency and low energy consumption, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

2.High precision and stable quality:

The products processed by Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe have high precision, high surface finish, stable dimensional accuracy and reliable quality.

3.Flexible equipment setting:

Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe has complete equipment, can replace molds according to processing requirements, and flexibly process various products.

4.Low cost:

The production cost of Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe is lower than that of other machines, which can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises and improve the profitability of enterprises.

Application industry of Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe

Cnc Precision Automatic Lathe has a wide range of applications and is mainly used in the following industries:

1.Electronic and electrical industry:

metal parts processing in mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras and other products.

2.Auto parts industry:

Processing of automobile chassis, engine, brake system, transmission, clutch and other parts.

3.Construction industry:

Processing of aluminum alloy doors and windows, wall panels, ceilings, decorative materials, etc.

4.Hardware products industry:

Processing of furniture hardware, kitchen and bathroom, plumbing appliances, door and window hardware, electrical hardware and other products.

Compared with stamping machine processing, CNC centering machine has the following disadvantages:

1.Limited processing materials:

CNC centering machine is suitable for processing thin plate materials. For plates exceeding 2 mm, the processing difficulty of CNC centering machine is relatively large.

2.Slow processing speed:

CNC centering machine has lower production efficiency than stamping machines.

3.Slightly higher cost:

CNC centering machine has more advanced technology, higher processing accuracy and stability, so the price will be higher.


CNC centering machine is one of the indispensable machines and equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry. In daily production, the reasonable use of CNC centering machine equipment can effectively speed up production efficiency, reduce industrial production costs, and increase product output. In the future, the application prospects of Swiss-made lathes will be broad, which will further promote the healthy upgrading of the manufacturing industry and promote the high-quality development of China's manufacturing industry.

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