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Daily meetings with Israeli customers


It's Wednesday again. Every Wednesday is a regular meeting between HY and Israeli customers. The meeting mainly discusses the delivery date of stamping orders, the ordering of new projects and other matters. The meeting was held with a positive attitude and fully demonstrated our professional and efficient service attitude and level. The following is the specific content of the meeting.

Meeting content one: Order delivery date confirmation

In this meeting, HY confirmed the latest order delivery date with Israeli customers. We explained the production process of each order in detail and proposed technical solutions to ensure that customers understand the time required for us to make orders and are familiar with our work process.

In the meeting, Israeli customers praised our company's professional level. They said that our service is very professional and efficient, and we can make products completely according to customer needs, and the delivery speed is very fast. These are the main reasons why customers choose to cooperate with us.

Meeting content two: New project ordering

HY discussed the ordering of new die-casting projects with Israeli customers and arranged reasonable quotations. We learned about the customer's needs in detail and worked with the customer to develop a detailed production plan and delivery time. At the same time, we also prepared proofing matters and provided material test reports.

Finally, the meeting ended successfully and the Israeli customers were very satisfied with us.

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